Antiquités, Brocante, Art & Vintage entre Professionnels

International Antiques Fairs ...

What is it?

A “déballage marchand” is a sale between professionals, during which antiques, antique furniture, vintage objects, works of art and other rare and unusual items are sold.

These usually weekly or monthly events are also known as “truck-boot sales”.

These internationals traders sales are organized over a few hours or a few days. These fairs, also known as International Antiques and Brocante Days, can take place in markets, showrooms, gardens or parking lots…

!! Important point !! Please note that the “déballages marchands” are events reserved for antique and brocante professionals ONLY. To take part, you will be asked to provide proof of identity (KBIS minimum + identity).

Antique fairs are organized to enable antique professionals to sell their stock of objects quickly. Above all, it’s a great way for antique and second-hand dealers to find unusual items to add to their catalogs.

It usually starts early, with vendors setting up between 5 and 7 a.m. and opening shortly afterwards.

See you there!

Upcoming trade fairs

Upcoming dates in France

How to get to antiques markets?

Don’t forget that these events are for professionals only:

Antique dealers, brocanteurs, retailers, decorators, architects

In this context, most events are accessible by requesting a card, for which the organizers will ask for proof of activity, often a recent kbis less than 3 months old and a copy of your identity card. Accompanying persons are not necessarily accepted, whether family members, colleagues or others. Be sure to check the conditions, which are specific to each organizer.

Access cards / buyer’s card / visitor’s card / exhibitor’s card / merchant’s card may be free or subject to a charge…. See for yourself.

We also advise you to prepare for your visit by requesting a card several days or weeks before the big day. Some cards are returned by email, others by post…

Finally, if you don’t have the time to make requests in advance, print out your supporting documents in advance for quicker and easier entry.

You can also bring your SNCAO-GA / SNA / SNEPSA / CNES / CEFA membership cards.


If you’re in the business of emptying apartments, clearing out houses or cellars, or clearing out clutter, whether you’re in the Paris region or elsewhere in France, then this is for you!

You’ll be able to sell your wares, from furniture to home furnishings, and find very interested professional buyers.

It was first out of curiosity, and then to make sure we didn’t miss anything, that we collected information on these unpackings from the various organizers. This enabled us to organize ourselves better when we needed merchandise.

In these difficult economic times, all industry professionals need clear, centralized information:

  • Organizers, whose day-to-day work depends on the success of events and therefore on the number of vendors and visitors.
  • Sellers who will be more motivated if they sell their antique stock faster
  • Buyers, whether from the world of antiques, second-hand goods, architecture or interior design, will benefit from a greater number of pieces and a wider choice to stock their stores!

We hope that this site will lead to a better overall organization and the creation of a virtuous circle that will benefit the entire profession of antiques, vintage, art, decoration…

If you’d like to talk to us, please send us an email.

To register for an event, you must use the links to the websites of the various organizers, available on the details of each event.

We cannot register you as a seller, buyer or visitor. If you wish to register for a trade show, we will not be able to intervene.

The team does not organize events and is not responsible for the possible cancellation of one or more events.

Whether you’re an inveterate bargain hunter (or bargain hunter), an amateur secondhand dealer, an antique dealer at heart, a flea market explorer or a garage sale snoop, if you’re a private individual you won’t be able to visit a commercial unpacking as these are reserved for professionals only.

The first professional unboxing took place in Avignon.
The creator of the concept reserved for professional buyers and sellers of antiques and second-hand goods, the first professional market took place in 1974.

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